Multronic serves many customers in the marine domain to comply with exiting regulations. We have a separate division managing large after-treatment systems for marine and genset applications.

Multronic has introduced the most innovative technologies and solutions for marine engine aftertreatment Stage V systems known for the following advantages:

  • Smart standardized modular configuration
  • Easy installation and optimized performance
  • Extensively validated package
  • Incorporation of all major OBD and diagnostic software functions
  • Use of fully validated components from major high volume automotive suppliers
  • In compliance with marine lifetime expectations
  • Competitive quality-price ratio for system calibration / SW package
  • Long- term reliability and maintenance intervals
  • Flexible inlet and outlet positioning solutions
  • Unified configuration for engines of power ranges between 300 – 1600 Kw
  • Mass flow from 1500 up to 18000 kg/h
  • Maximum operational temperature > 560°C up to 575 °
  • EPM (environmental performance monitor) integrated