The measuring equipment for the practical trials of the CLean INland SHipping project (CLINSH) is now available. CLINSH Consortium is promoting a clean inland waterway transport and the goal of the project is to achieve clean and sustainable inland shipping all around Europe. Throughout the project, public and private organizations from Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and the Netherlands work together (for more information on CLINSH project please visit
Real-time emissions measurements on-board of the first vessels will get underway soon by Multronic engineers and this measurement period will last over a year or two, depending on the engines of the vessels. This will provide valuable information about the environmental performance of each vessel following the implementation of various emissions- control technologies and/or the use of alternative fuels. The aim is to reduce emissions of harmful substances (nitrogen oxides and particulate matter).
The data collected on board will provide a sound basis for policy at the local, regional and national levels and for international bodies and authorities. By looking at this data, policy-makers can design new emissions-control policies for existing inland shipping. Based on measurements provided by Multronic, CLINSH will also analyze the business cases for the various measures examined for shipping operators and use this information to encourage further progress on the environmental sustainability of the sector.