Turn Key emission aftertreatment system

Worldwide emission standards have become increasingly stringent in order to protect the environment, to minimize greenhouse gases and to prevent the negative impact of combustion engine emissions on health. Toxic pollutants such as NOx, PM, HC, CO, methane & ammonia are to be reduced almost to zero levels.

To comply with the latest worldwide legislation Multronic has developed the following packages:

DE-Tronic, an electronic platform, currently used by leading OEMs and retrofit Customers worldwide, with the following functions:

  • Linking the engine to the required catalyst package
  • Providing the diagnostic functions such as OBD, EPM
  • Management of the urea dosing system for SCR consisting of pumps, valves, tanks, injectors etc.
  • Dedicated turnkey emission systems/solutions

Multronic has designed emission systems for a wide range of applications (trucks, buses, tractors, ships and many other, both light and heavy duty).

Our solutions:

  • Monitoring (datalogger, telemetry)
  • DPF technology (continuously regenerating technology, coated diesel particulate filter, active regeneration, fuel borne catalyst)
  • SCR technology (selective catalytic reduction, ammonia slip catalyst, urea dosing, SCR protection)
  • On-board diagnostic ( EURO V/VI, Stage III/IV/V Tier4F, EURO 4/5/6, BS6, China 5/6)
  • Combined systems (DPF+SCR, SCR+DPF, SCRF)